Shrink Wrap Equipment

Dependable Shrink Wrapping Machine Options Available Now

From our many years in the packaging business, we’ve learned a few things about what our customers need in order to provide effective wrapping solutions. Reliability and durability are two key qualities that are essential when it comes to shrink wrap machines in particular, which is why we only offer products from manufacturers we have found that consistently provide the high-quality, well-built products our customers deserve.

Shrink Wrap Equipment for All Budgets

Obviously, the needs of a small company that wraps relatively few pallets are different than large-scale operations turning out hundreds of pallets in a day. This is why our collection contains pallet shrink wrap machine choices for a large variety of users, enabling each client to end up with a customized, cost-effective wrapping solution that meets their needs.

Shrink Wrap Machine Accessories

In addition to stocking a wide range of packaging equipment, we also provide all the accessories your machinery needs to function effectively. If your shrink wrapping machine needs a spare part, we can usually provide it at a very reasonable price. Our aim is to be a one-stop solution for all your packaging needs, giving your business everything it needs to get the job done properly.

Shrink Wrapping Machines and Much More

We pride ourselves on offering a great combination of exceptional products and having dedicated, knowledgeable customer service staff. No matter what your requirements may be, we will always do our best to exceed your expectations. To find out more about our equipment options or place an order, call us today at (800) 441-6293.


We offer various models and series lines from Smipack. Including the BP600, FP560, and the FP6000. See more on these amazing shrink wrap equipment offerings below, then contact us right away to get yours.

shrink wrap equipment with sealing bar

BP Series with Sealing Bar are Extremely Versatile

FP6000 Series from Smipack

FP6000 Series from Smipack

Watch these videos to see the modularity and features of the FP6000 Automatic -Sealer from Smipack:

FP560 Manual L-Sealers

FP560 Manual L-Sealers

At John Maye Company, our expert staff is available to help determine the best shrink wrap packaging system for your needs. We take pride in having the best shrink wrap equipment available for sale.