At John Maye Company, we work with many startup companies in the process of developing and installing packaging systems that need to handle a variety of different types of cartons and materials. While many of these companies are in the food production sector, we work with companies that package a wide variety of other products as well.

Often, our team is called in to work on highly customized solutions that require a unique approach. We can provide everything you need—from evaluating the best systems to helping select which specific components will work with your current system. We can even assist your company with choosing the right type of machine such as a carton sealer.

When purchasing different carton sealer models it is important to have a basic understanding of what you require and which benefits are important when it comes to your packaging line. However, there also are a few different characteristics to take into consideration.

Consideration #1 – Price

Typically, companies looking for a carton sealer are also in the process of automating or moving up to a semi-automated modular type of packaging system. This means it is especially important to take a big picture look at the price for each component of the system.

However, making a purchase decision solely based on price alone is not effective. We recommend having an arbitrary budget in mind. By looking at pricing from reputable packaging equipment manufacturers, you will get a feel for the market value and the cost of specific features.

Consideration #2 – Repairs, Supplies, and Customer Service

We always recommend looking beyond the initial purchase. Make sure to check into the dealer’s ability to provide supplies, parts, repairs and customer service before, during, and after your purchase.

Again, our goal at John Maye Company is to provide our customers with a high level of support and service. We offer most major makes and models as well as full lifecycle services. Let us help your company keep your production line in full operation!