If your warehouse system includes moving basic items through your conveyor belt system to the packaging department, safe improvements to increase speed should be considered to help increase production. One safe, yet efficient option is to implement case erectors, as they rapidly reduce the time that is required to prepare boxes for finished goods.

Making the Most of Your Machinery

Quite simply, there is not enough time for employees to turn flat packed boxes into well-formed containers that are ready to receive stock from your conveyor belt system. By transitioning to high-quality case erectors, the entire conveyor belt process can be sped up starting with product packaging. Case erectors also improve the quality of each box because each one is done with automated precision.

Providing complete training on the machinery is also important. Adequate training ensures that all the individuals involved operate the machine in a safe and effective manner, making sure the flat packed boxes are inserted correctly.

If you require this new machinery, let us know! At John Maye Company, we can take you through the different machines we have available.

Different Size Boxes Required?

If you need a machine that can handle boxes of various sizes, it is important to choose the equipment with the correct capabilities. It’s also important to know if you are going to be using a mixture of cardboard and plastic or other materials as part of your packaging requirements.

Another important aspect is space. In order to provide you with the right machine, we need accurate measurements for the footprint you have available within your warehouse. Note to always allow for sufficient space around the outside for safety and health requirements.

At John Maye Company, we understand case erectors, and with our vast experience, we’re sure to help you find the correct model for your specific needs.