How old is your manual or automatic stretch wrap machine ? Sure, it runs fine now but what about the future? If you can’t remember when you bought it or you know it’s been many years, this could be the perfect time to replace it. You’ll enjoy several benefits when you trade your old equipment now for new and efficient Orion or Cousins machines. Here are some good reasons to contact the John Maye Company about new equipment today.

Save on Materials

How many loads does your company wrap each day? This is a lot of film in one year’s time, and if your equipment doesn’t have modern pre-stretching features, it also costs you a lot of money. Here is how it works. A quality automatic stretch wrap machine has efficient pre-stretch rollers which elongate the film before it’s applied. This not only saves you on film, but it also produces an even and consistent film, increasing stability and protection for each load of materials.

Benefits of Upgrading

Maybe it’s time to think about upgrading your old manual stretch wrapper. Some manual machines can do a good job, but it depends on the operator. For example, when the operator has to move the wrapper and control the amount of tension in the process, this can produce varying results, and it takes a lot of time. A new Orion or Cousins automatic stretch wrap machine can take care of most or all this work for you. Plus, they produce the same high-quality packaging every time.

Lower Your Risk Factors

When you invest in the latest technology in stretch wrappers for your facility, you lessen the chance for on the job accidents and injuries. New machines have all the important safety features including guards and lockout protection. You can call us today at (262) 547-5551 to check out all the fine machinery we have to offer.