When you have palletized loads, it makes sense to secure them with tightly wrapped and protective plastic film. However, there are many kinds of pallet wrapping machines, and your budget determines what you use. When you come to the John Maye Company, you have options for every budget. Below are some of the products/services we offer:

New Equipment

If you want new equipment for your facility, we have some of the finest machines you can buy. John Maye Company carries Orion and Cousins brands, and they are two of the most trusted brands in use today. The manual machines are easy to operate, and some have semi and fully automatic features. We have overhead rotary pallet wrapping machines and models for conveyor use. You can choose portable stretch wrapping systems and orbital systems. Both Cousins and Orion make their machines from heavy-duty materials designed to last for many years.


Maybe you don’t have the funds to buy new machinery. Not every company has this option. We have top-quality rental equipment for your needs, and these machines are perfect for companies with temporary needs or budget constraints. Renting is an excellent way to try pallet wrapping machines before you buy. If you aren’t completely satisfied after the rental period, you can try a different option, and there is no hassle.

Used Equipment

Does your business have a limited budget? Perhaps you’re just starting out, or you need to expand your business but don’t have all the capital you need. You can find some excellent reconditioned equipment when you know where to look.