Strapping and Banding Equipment

Strapping and Banding Equipment

At John Maye Company, we represent the leaders in strapping equipment and consumables such as Malpack, Polychem, and StraPack. Each of these companies offers top-quality strapping machines, some of our strapping and banding equipment suppliers have specifications displayed below.

Strapping and Banding providers

John Maye Company’s Strapping Machine & Tool Providers

Strapack is a manufacturer of high-quality strapping equipment and supplies. Innovative design and dedication to high quality have earned Strapack strapping equipment a solid reputation.Strapack Machines


Polychem offers a full range of table top strappers for every need and budget. The semi–automatic strapping equipment is economical and reliable. All semi-automatic strapping machines utilize inexpensive polypropylene strapping.Polychem hand toolsPolychem Strapping Machines

Watch this quick video to see the B-400 tool:


Samuel Strapping manufactures and supplies a broad range of steel and plastic strapping, standard and custom engineered unitizing equipment: from handheld, manual and pneumatic tools.


Samuel Strapping Tools


At John Maye Company, our expert sales and service staff are available to help determine the best strapping and banding systems to suite you needs.

Automatic Strapping Machines – Efficient & Economical

We know that when you operate in a busy packaging environment, having access to the right equipment can really make a difference to the efficiency of your operation. Investing in our advanced strapping machines is a straight-forward way of enabling workers to process packages faster and better than ever before.

Top-Quality Automatic Banding Machines

We stock products from leading manufacturers, bringing you top-grade stock well-known for its durability and exceptional performance. Whether you need a cost-effective option for a small-scale packing project, or heavy-duty equipment for a significant packaging operation, we can meet your needs. Not only do we supply automatic strapping machines, but we can also provide all the accessories, strapping and other items needed get your packaging completed.

Cost-Effective Plastic Strapping Machine

On-going costs are often a concern when it comes to the packaging industry. At John Maye, we offer inexpensive poly strapping machines to ensure more gets done for less. Advances in technology mean that modern strapping machines work very economically—for example, the newer models minimize wasted tape and simultaneously provide durable, secure packaging solutions.

Poly Strapping Machine Options

At John Maye Company, we have wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to our products. If you’re not sure what type of automatic strapping machine is going to be best, or need any further information, we can help. Call our customer service team today at (800) 441-6293 to find out more.