Stretch Wrap Film

Stretch Film

We are proud to offer our customers stretch wrap film products by Malpack Stretch Films. Leading the way, Malpack offers new 7-layer, hi-tech metallocene resin based stretch films are designed to lower your packaging costs. These tougher and stronger stretch films replace thicker obsolete films while maintaining or improving holding force. The following film characteristics are optimized:


  • Puncture resistance

  • Clarity

  • Consistent cling

  • Quiet unwind

  • One side cling / One side no cling (for cast films)


Malpack is a manufacturer of stretch film products  with over 38 years experience in the conversion, extrusion, and manufacturing of film. Over the years, their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has translated into success with three plants to serve customer’s evolving needs.

stretch wrap film

Stretch Wrap Film Options Include:

  • Films for hand shrink wrapping or machine application
  • 35 to 120 gauge thickness
  • 11” to 70” roll widths
  • Blown or cast composition
  • Clear or colored films available
  • Vented films, reinforced, or UVI films available